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Product Description

Introducing the Mouse of the Future

The name Odin is derived from an old Germanic word for “seer, prophet”, which is fitting for a futuristic, innovative product that challenges people’s perceptions of electro-optical applications and opens a whole new world of possibilities. The world’s first laser projection mouse, the ODiN Laser Holographic Mouse will redefine your daily user habits for controlling, designing, and gaming on your computer.

• With low CPU loading and responsive design, the ODiN enables smoother web-surfing and gaming experiences.

• Multipoint controls such as click, scroll, drag and zoom will all be supported in the 8 x 8cm projection area that turns any flat surface into a trackpad.

• Tiny and portable, the ODiN weighs only 40 grams and fits well in your pocket or backpack, and consumes very little power!

• The triangle runic symbol is now a “button” for you to define! Whether it is to open a particular software or to return to the desktop, the button is at your disposal. You can even code your own macro and share it on Serafim’s online forum!

• Unique design makes it cool to look at and to show off.

*Through popular Kickstarter and Indiegogo fundraising campaigns, the ODiN project raised more than $200K combined, which more than doubled their initial funding goal!

**Winner of the Comuptex d&i and Best Choice awards

***The ODiN Aurora has drawn attention and acclaim for its innovative design from major media outlets around the globe

USB Interface – USB 2.0
HID compliant Light Source-Red/Infrared Laser Diode
Projection Area Size – Approx. 80 x 80 mm
Power Supply – External USB 5V / 500mA
Compatible operating systems-MAC OS X 10.6 or later and Windows XP or later

Product Contents
ODiN Laser Holographic Mouse, USB cable, product manual

From the Manufacturer

$108,195 raised
with 1,747 backers.

Unique, Creative Functional Design

A futuristic device requires a unique design. ODiN shoots infrared beams out of its eyes and mouth for its motion sensing capabilities.

ODiN projects onto any flat surface

The projection trackpad will work on any flat surface, regardless of material or color, allowing you to work just about anywhere!

ODiN in the dark

ODiN projects well in both light and dark environments.

ODiN unboxed

ODiN comes in a compact box which includes a simple USB cable and user manual. No long cables and wires to deal with.

User-defined Experience

To make your computing experience more user-friendly, the triangle runic symbol is now a button for the users to define.

Evolution of the Computer Mouse

The computer mouse was first introduced in 1968, almost 50 years later, the mouse has not changed all that much. Serafim created ODiN to redefine the way we use a mouse.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Innovative, stunning, revolutionary.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Our goal is to lead the movement in transforming how traditional consumer electronics are used. Naturally, we came up with the idea to transform something as traditional as the computer mouse.

What makes your product special?

In addition to being the world’s first projection mouse, ODiN also has a unique design that is cool to look at and fun to play with.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

We have gone through many highs and lows to launch ODiN, but it has to be seeing all of the positive feedback from the consumers and tech community. We could not have done this without you guys!

World’s First Projection Trackpad: The Ideal Complementary Accessory for Virtual Keyboards (Black)


  • Award-winning motion-sensing projection mouse launched on Kickstarter and Indiegogo
  • Turn any flat surface into a trackpad with multipoint controls that support a range of gestures
  • Lightweight and compact – weight of less than 40g makes it easy to carry around
  • Compatible with PCs, laptops, and tablets with a USB port
  • Innovative design makes it a cool gadget to show off to give to friends or family


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