EasyPower USB AA Rechargeable Battery Pack

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Product Description

EasyPower USB AA Batteries 4 Pack Includes: 4 – 1450mAh 1.2V AA USB Rechargeable Batteries 1 – Durable Latching Carrying Case Features: No Messy Cords and Cables: Pop open the cap and plug it in. No need to carry a separate charger or extra cords and cables. Limitless Recharging Options: The EasyPower charges anywhere there’s a USB port. Undeniable Value: Gives you over 500 charges so you’ll save hundreds of dollars compared to buying regular batteries. Specs: 500+ cycles rated for over 500 charge cycles 1450mAh 2 to 3 times the storage power of standard AA batteries 1.2V NiMH Nickel Metal Hydride cell

  • NO MESSY CORDS & CABLES: Simply pop open the cap on your EasyPower Battery and plug it into any powered USB port to start charging it. Thereâ€s no need to carry a separate charger or worry about finding any extra cords and cables.
  • LIMITLESS RECHARGING OPTIONS: The EasyPower charges anywhere thereâ€s a USB port. This gives you hundreds, if not thousands, of different options to quickly charge your batteries including methods that work in a crisis like charging via solar power.
  • UNDENIABLE VALUE: Because every EasyPower Battery gives you over 500 charges, youâ€ll save hundreds of dollars compared to buying regular batteries.
  • BATTERY TYPE: AA Rechargeable USB, NiMH, 1450mAh, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1


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